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Where on a slot machine do I need to look to determine the bet amount? Is tthere some place obvious I have to look to determine the bet amount for a slot machine or do I have to just look at the little screen where I put the money in? Question asked by: Jeff W […]

why do slot machine players still continue to play? Without a consistent reward, behavior usually ceases. Given the fact that most slot machine players almost never win, why do they still continue to play? Is your answer consistent with a Skinner’s views? Why or why not? Question asked by: Jesus Z This post powered by […]

Does the number of coins played affect what comes up on the reels of a slot machine? In other words, if I am playing a quarter slot machine and am playing just one quarter at a time when I hit a big jackpot, is my correct mental response:1) DAMN! Wish I had been playing THREE […]

Where do I get a pay out drive for my slot machine games? I play a lot of slot machine / casino games on my computer and I’ve won millions of dollars, but I can’t get it to pay out. Is there some special hardware I need that prints tickets, or better yet that prints […]

How to pick a slot machine in Las Vegas casinos? I 'VE been to a casino once. All slot machines have confused, with many pictures and numbers. Different car, different pictures and numbers. What I want to know is are those numbers and images important? If so, how these performers? I have heard a lot […]

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