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How do find an instruction book on a specific brand or model slot machine? the slot machine came from the SANDS, Vegas. Question posted by: Juanell This post powered by Yahoo! Answers

Do you need a permit or license to own a slot machine in NH? I was thinking about buying a used slot machine (a real formally casino used machine) for fun in my home and not for any other purpose. I know there are plenty of companies on the internet selling them, but are they […]

Slots art. “Slots Machine” by play.slots

Slot Machine Winner Las Vegas Rio Some quick wins on our Honeymoon. Enjoy … slot winner las vegas rio casino jackpot money win slots Video posted by: smarusky

Are the results of a slot machine predetermined? I have always wondered if it mattered if you stopped the turning of the wheels early or not on a slot machine. Do they spin the amount they do merely for the user’s amusement? Say you hit the ‘spin’ button and you let it do it’s thing […]

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