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Lego NXT – Slot Machine

Fully operational MINDSTORMS SLOT MACHINE accepting 10c and 20c Euro Coins. Returns all prizes in Cash, up to 2.00 Euro per turn.

Video posted by: lv0404

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Comments & Feedback on "Lego NXT – Slot Machine"

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24 Responses to “Lego NXT – Slot Machine”

  1. Torgero Says:

    You gotta be Asian!

  2. crew187 Says:

    omg!!!! its perfekt 😉

  3. webcastman Says:

    can u program this to be a 777 machine not fruit

  4. ffffffhgdhhdgfhgdfyr Says:

    and after i am done i will sell the four lego slot machines for 25 dollars if you want to buy one leave a comment and put details of why you are buying it and i can arrange the shipping.

  5. ffffffhgdhhdgfhgdfyr Says:

    so let me get this straight the two nxt sets are just the machine stuff and tech thing but the bricks are just the covering?? plz put details because i have to make five!!!

  6. ruyl2 Says:

    i want one are you selling them?

  7. lv0404 Says:

    Two complete NXT Sets and a lot of other collected parts… No LEgo Digital Designer. Sorry.

  8. ffffffhgdhhdgfhgdfyr Says:

    did you use any sets or the lego digital designer????? plz respond i am making one so i can get that cool laptop

  9. lv0404 Says:

    Check the PDF files on the website. These will tell you exactly how to build it.

  10. ffffffhgdhhdgfhgdfyr Says:

    can someone plz tell me or make a vid on how to build it using lego digital disigner plz!!!!!!!!!! because i need to raise some money and could use this in the science fair!!

  11. pirakaagency Says:

    watch the end of this vid.

  12. ffffffhgdhhdgfhgdfyr Says:

    what website?? i want instructions!!! plz tell!!!!!

  13. pirakaagency Says:

    I was inspired by this and took a look at your website, and now I’m building a similar one!

  14. macoronikevin Says:

    are you Freaking me?????????????????? thats CRAZIZLY awesome!!!! I mean, how does it know the difference between coins?

  15. joole5005000 Says:

    That is AMAZING

  16. lv0404 Says:

    You’re right. I spent some energy in NXC and I enjoy it! It takes some more time to learn it but operates much faster and the runtime performance is not bad either!. The first project I did in NXC is the Lap Timer.

  17. ronaldmcrae Says:

    Your reply to kemicen’s comment does not surprise me. I was amazed and impressed that you managed to do all that you did do using NXT-G. I gave up about 5 minutes after loading the CD!

    C programming is the only way!

  18. CyanideXCloud Says:

    Light(maybe color?) sensor.

  19. alexander0025 Says:

    whats NXT-G?i am a beginner to lego NXT

  20. lv0404 Says:

    Eh… yes. But I guess it was the last time…

  21. kemicen Says:

    You programmed all this just with Drag and Drop thingies? 😐

  22. alexander0025 Says:

    using a coin and 1 light sensor

  23. alexander0025 Says:

    now i have one of my own,except mines is small,when i insert a coin,it only accepts once,and i have to wait for the next game,how did you get your slot machine to do the credit counting?

  24. wumbublimentos Says:

    this is the coolest lego creation with nxt EVAR

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