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I want to buy a slot machine for use in my own home as a way to save money? Is it legal?

I just want to have a slot machine to keep in my house to play at my own leisure. I figure it will be a good way to save some money and then treat myself to something when I win. First of all, is this legal? And secondly, what is a good slot machine to buy? I see that most available online only accept tokens. I want mine to accept quarters. Any suggestions?

Question posted by: bham_guy331

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5 Responses to “Slot machine for home?”

  1. phrage Says:

    perfectly legal. approach a casino. you might get one free or cheap when they are upgrading. good idea.

  2. S D Says:

    It’s legal as long as other people don’t play it.

  3. .:*Lee~C*:. Says:

    First off, yes its legal. my grandmother had one. ^_^
    second, have you tried ebay? auctions?
    have you tried these sites?

    I’m pretty sure one of them will do. Happy gambling!

  4. Gray Says:

    Yes completely legal as long as you don’t use it to make money. A true slot machine will run you some coin to purchase, because they are a machine for making money. Good luck in your searches. Try Ebay to start.

  5. ZCT Says:

    Most available for sale are token based. But any good slot machine tech should be able to convert it for you.

    It is totally legal to have a slot machine in your home. It only becomes an issue if you let anyone else play it, unless it is not used for gambling, only fun.

    If someone wins or loses on your machine and leaves your home with a net win or loss, you could easily run foul of anti-gambling laws.

    The safest option is to leave it as a token machine, that way there can be no question as to what it is doing.

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