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Bally Blazing 7s Slot Machine

Bally Blazing 7s slot machine demonstration from

Video posted by: wwgaming

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Comments & Feedback on "Bally Blazing 7s Slot Machine"

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12 Responses to “Bally Blazing 7s Slot Machine”

  1. PinkHell123 Says:

    i know how to win at a slot machine when you have 3 or 2 or1 nudges when you are 1 most of the time the machine does it for you (works on most machines) and when you get 3 in a row like 777 hold the three buttons down that say hold for about 10 seconds press start and then you get more money because it holds it (again works on most machine)

  2. Newtttton Says:

    I don’t know how to play slot machines. Is there a good instructional video? or a book “slot machines for dummies.” Seriously though, is it pretty much streight forward whereby I can easily figure it ou on the first try without any explanations? Thanks.

  3. amtrak2008 Says:

    i think i have seen alot blazing 7’s machines at casino niagara and niagara fallsview casino. The best place to find new slot machines.

  4. MJS4320 Says:

    Very fun machine to play. My wife played one like it in Tunica a few years ago and she hit trip sevens with max credits on her last spin. 300 quarters! Then I played it and hit flaming trip sevens with two credits for another 500! We cashed out and called it a night.That was a fun time.

  5. alexander0025 Says:

    0:26 Teaser!

  6. coilgunner2 Says:

    It’s a commercial type video if you are a pub, bar, arcade or what ever, and you want a slot machine or someone wants to sell you one, you might get a video like this one.

  7. Excalibur175 Says:

    PRETTY PLEEZ add more videos like this (bally bet 3), pleez dont speak during it next time

  8. Chapas45 Says:

    You get to open the machine and take out the cash you put in, but you’re right; it is no fun (and lame) if you own the machine. Taking money from yourself?

  9. FORMER0203USMC Says:

    ok so what happens when i hit the progressive? i dont win shit because its my own machine

    this is pointless

  10. youthquake Says:

    moron…they are trying to sell the machine!

  11. New3Hmong Says:

    This is pointless….


  12. Chapas45 Says:

    Those Bally machines are tight…IGT #1 forever!

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