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How to Win Playing Slot Machines

A former professional gambler explains why playing a slot machine is no way to win. He explains why winning at slots is not random, and why no skill is involved. He demonstrates how to program one of the popular slot machine models, which in itself proves that slot machines are programmed to take your money, instead of paying you a jackpot.

Video posted by: BeanMeister22

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4 Responses to “How to Win Playing Slot Machines”

  1. TheKingofSlots Says:

    All well and good, but this guy is talking about a home Pachismo machine, used in Japan and sold to US customers. It is not the same as the Vegas style reel slot used in casinos. The skills needed to be learned to be successful involve studying the machines, payback tables and instructions. Play the most expensive machine you can afford; the payback percentage increases with the denomination. Never play with money you need: rent, mortgage, taxes, utilities. When you win, get out fast!

  2. TheKingofSlots Says:

    If your primary source of income is gambling, then it is a profession. A business. Perhaps 1% of gamblers do this, and they are card players, not slots players.

  3. celty7 Says:

    most of slots in uk payout right before midnight because thats when the machines are nearly turned off automaticly

  4. JackTheMoe Says:

    It´s not important what you do, if you are very good at what you are doing.

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